Actor Sivaji: Encounter CM Chandra Babu

Saturday, October 6th, 2018, 01:55:17 AM IST

Controversial hero and political enthusiast Shivaji, made some shocking statements about the recent Income Tax raids on eminent personalities in Andhra. He stated that some people have targeted the state government and are trying to break their resolve.

Speaking to the media about this issue, the actor said, “It is very unfair of the opposition parties to suddenly conduct Income Tax raids that were scheduled for December without any prior notice. This has been done only to wrongly target the ruling government. If you are that angry with the Chief Minister, go ahead and encounter him.”

The actor repeated his claim that the CM is in trouble from the opposition parties that have come together to destroy him. He stated that this was all the work of BJP because Chandr Babu is fighting continuously for Special Status. He also asserted that they will show what they are to the BJP real soon.