Andhra and Orissa on High alert

Thursday, September 20th, 2018, 05:38:02 PM IST

The Indian weather agency and Meteorological department have placed both South eastern Orissa and North eastern Andhra on high alerts. It has been predicted by those departments that the cyclone is bound to enter the above mentioned territories in the later part of the night.

The recent Kerala floods have left devastating scars on people and they will take a long time to heal. Now the government of Andhra Pradesh will not want an event similar to that of Kerala right in the eve of elections. The state government has already alerted the concerned bodies in the state to face the cyclone with minimal damage.

The north eastern part of Andhra Pradesh was left dismantled after the Hud Hud cyclone in the past. Now the news of the new cyclone is sending shivers down the spine of people of Andhra Pradesh.