Another honour killing attempt in Telangana

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018, 07:18:55 PM IST

Hardly, one week has passed since the honour killing of Pranay, and the capital city of Telangana has witnessed another murder attempt by an unidentified person. The accused is believed to have used a special sharp weapon to injure the couple in Erragadda.

However, the accused fled the spot after having attacked the wife and husband seriously on their heads. The case has been registered by the Telangana police and there is advanced manhunt going on by the cops to catch the assassin. This incident however has come as a shock to those who are still afresh from the memories of Pranay’s mishap.

It has been heard that the wife is in a serious condition and has been admitted in ICU unit of a private hospital. This has come has a shocker to one and all as the frequency of honour killings seems to have increased considerably in Telangana.