Another shock to TRS

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018, 03:55:07 AM IST

With the elections closing in, the TRS is witnessing several hoppings of its leaders. Recently former MLA and senior leader of the party U K Abbayya announced his resignation from the party.

Speaking to the media, the former MLA stated that his disappointment for the working of the party has led him to quit from the party. “KTR’s government has become extremely fascist and this has led to the loss of internal democracy in the party. There are several promises made in 2014 that are left unfulfilled and the party is neglecting weaker sections, that’s why I chose to leave.”

Mr. Abbayya stated that he would want to work with a party that is not like TRS and that he would take the decision of which party after considering it with his family carefully.