Ban Smith and Warner from IPL

Monday, March 26th, 2018, 06:24:06 PM IST

Australia men’s cricket team captain, Steven Smith is in the middle of a heated issue. The captain agreed that he has been involved in ball tampering incident.

The ongoing test series between Australia and South Africa is one of the most controversial series in the history. Both the teams have been involved in brawls and highly offensive vocal exchanges.

Smith and David Warner have been facing ball tampering allegations in the test match against South Africa. The players used unspecified equipment and made some changes to the seam of the ball.

It is well-known that ball tampering is considered as a serious crime and is a punishable offense. Many people are asking the ICC( International Cricket Council) to take strict action on these players.

As a result, Smith has been relieved of the captain duties for the country. Interestingly, his IPL franchise, Rajasthan Royals has also chosen to strip him of the captain’s role. Rumors are rife that even SRH is considering to punish Warner and exclude him from the team.

Former cricketer, Atul Waseem has expressed his views on the issue and urged the teams to go hard on these players. He also said that the game is bigger than any player and its heritage should be protected at all costs.