Big Update : Pawan Kalyan finalized his MLA constituency

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018, 09:38:01 AM IST

Janasena head Pawan Kalyan has been facing stern criticism from his opponents for not revealing the MLA constituency from which be contesting in the coming Andhra Pradesh general elections.

The latest update from the party’s political affairs committee member, Mutha Gopalakrishna is that the Janasenani will be contesting from one of Kakinada rural, Kakinada city, or Pithapuram constituencies.

Mutha further added that the party forces are more than ready to work for Pawan Kalyan regardless of which constituency he contests from.

The senior leader said the Janasainiks will work day in day out to give over 70,000 majority to Pawan in the elections.

Another report claims that Pawan may contest from 2 constituencies. One from Uttharandhra and the other from Rayalaseema. If this turns to reality it would be a wise move from Janasena chief.