Bigg Boss : Geetha Madhuri is the winner

Friday, September 28th, 2018, 09:04:30 PM IST

Telugu Bigg Boss season 1 contestant, Archana made some interesting comments about the current scenario in the Bigg Boss 2 house.

Archana said that Geetha Madhuri is the real winner and not Kaushal as she won the hearts of the viewers with her kind-hearted nature.

For me, Kaushal will not even be in the top 3 positions. Instead, Tanish is a worthy contender as he showed a lot of temperament even in tough situations. Also, Samrat proved his class by maintaining a good relationship with everyone in the house, said Archana.

Well, it is eminent that Kaushal will be winning the title this year with a massive bote share of over 70%, thanks to the Kaushal army which has been working round the clock.