Bigg Boss: Nani should learn a lot from him

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018, 04:14:23 PM IST

The second season of Telugu Bigg Boss has reached the penultimate stage and the title race is almost one-sided as Kaushal has over 70% vote share in his favor.

Coming to the topic, the Hindi version of the show has just started and people have been drawing the similarities and differences between Telugu and Hindi versions.

In the recently aired episode, the housemates in Hindi Bigg Boss said that they are all like family members and will remain the same way.

Reacting to these comments, Salman said that your family is in the house. You are here to win the title. You guys should act accordingly, said Salman, targeting the housemates.

The viewers of the Telugu version are saying that this is how the host should guide and assist housemates rather than taking sides as Nani did.

A few netizens are saying that Nani should take special classes from Salman Khan if he wants to host another season of the show.

Going by the response he garnered for his time as the host, the chances of Nani agreeing to do another season are extra terrestrially bleak.