BJP= Bhartiya Jagan Pawan party

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018, 10:29:17 AM IST

TDP leaders are busy pulling out new slogans and phrases to belittle the BJP in Andhra Pradesh. The latest addition to the list is BJP= Bharatiya Jagan Pawan party.

Speaking at a recent public gathering, TDP’s official spokesperson, Anuradha Panchumarthi said that the saffron party is stooping down to new lows in order to defame TDP in the state.

She further added that Jagan and Pawan Kalyan are offering their full-fledged support to BJP in the process. It is fair to call BJP as Bharatiya Jagan Pawan party, said Anuradha.

Well, Jagan said that he is ready to join hands with any national party that can grant special category status for Andhra Pradesh. This may be a subtle indication that a YCP and BJP alliance is on cards.

It needs to be seen if the people of Andhra Pradesh will vote for BJP or its allies after the party went back on the all-important SCS promise.