BJP won’t even get deposits in 100 constituencies

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018, 03:00:25 AM IST

Telangana Congress party senior leader, Ponnam Prabhakar made a few highly intriguing comments on TRS party and its chief KCR.

Speaking to the media, Ponnam said that the TRS party is working hand in hand with the BJP. The elections have been preponed after BJP ordered KCR to do so. We are confident that the saffron party will not even get deposits in 100 MLA constituencies, said the senior leader.

The Congress party leader said that the state did not receive any financial support from the central government in the past 4 years and urged the people of Telangana to vote for them in order to ensure overall development.

Well, it looks like the Congress party is planning to go hard on the pink party and confront its leaders on every possible ocassion.