Cadre’s desperation for KCR’s campaign

Thursday, September 20th, 2018, 01:51:26 PM IST

Honourable CM KCR has been in hibernation mode in the past few days and has limited himself to calm down all the ripples and repercussions in the party. But now the need for him to restart public meetings has turned into an obligation.

There is wide spread speculation that the rebels are conspiring for a secret cross voting which will result in a surprise loss to TRS at multiple venues. These internal conspiracies and unification of opponents has left the TRS special body in hither tether amidst chaos.

The cadre from different levels are waiting for relaunch of KCR’s campaign to kick start as they believe only such an act can silence critics and opponents. Meanwhile it has been heard that even KCR is likely to restart public campaigning alongside a press release of the newly drafted manifesto.