Can Jagan fulfill his promise?

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018, 02:32:08 PM IST

AP opposition leader, Jagan is currently in Praja Sankala Yatra, with an intention of getting an in-depth idea of the problems faced by the common public. He is covering almost all major constituencies in Andhra Pradesh with this campaign.

Jagan is mainly concentrating on explaining the party agenda and ways in which public will be benefited if YSRCP comes to power in the next assembly elections. In this process, Jagan recently stated that he’ll be implementing a strict policy that all private companies must have at least 75% of employees from local areas. This goes tough on the companies as it’s tough to find so many skilled employees from local residency.

We have to wait and watch if Jagan can keep up with his promise and implement the policy that looks tough in the practical world.