Can NTR really make $3 million?

Monday, September 17th, 2018, 04:23:31 PM IST

The latest trade reports are claiming that the makers of NTR biopic are willing to make big money from this mammoth project. Apparently, Balakrishna is asking somewhere around 18-20 crores for the overseas distribution rights of this movie.

Well, this is surely a massive number in the overseas market as the movie needs to collect more than $3 million just to break even. Even the smallest of miscalculation can lead to catastrophic results and there is no doubting that.

One may say that the movie has a good star cast and people would rush to watch NTR’s life story but the movie needs to do exceedingly well to recover the investments. It needs to be seen if Balayya will budge and sell the movie for reasonable prices.