CBN: Can’t you even prepare a 5-minute video of Amaravati

Friday, June 1st, 2018, 05:16:01 PM IST

Andhra Pradesh chief minister CBN is currently in hot water for failing to show any sort of progress in building a world-class capital in Amaravati. The TDP stated that the capital will be one of a kind with best in class amenities that keep it on par with Singapore. However, the CRDA( Capital Region Development Authority) never kept up the pace, resulting in snail-paced development works.

The latest news is that CBN recently met the CRDA officials and delivered a hard-hitting analysis on the latest developments in Amaravati. Reportedly, Babu asked the officials to prepare a 5-minute video, visualizing the amenities in Amaravati, but for some reason, the officials came up with a lackluster video. This angered Babu, who fired on the team for failing to prepare a small video about the project that they are working on.

The inside reports are claiming that the government is not providing enough funds to carry on the development works of Amaravati at a brisk pace. The government is already running on a deficit budget and that is making the TDP government’s extravagant plans for Amaravati a far from reality idea, opined a few people.