Controversial actress: I have his video with me

Thursday, October 4th, 2018, 02:39:28 PM IST

Former Miss India pageant winner, Tanushree Dutta is shaking the Bollywood film industry with a string of allegations against the renowned actor, Nana Patekar.

The actress has been claiming that Nana used to physically assault his female co-stars. Reacting to these allegations, Nana has filed a legal notice against Tanushree, stating her allegations are fake.

However, Tanushree is making it clear that she has not received any legal notice as of now.

I am not scared of Nana’s legal notice and I have not received any of his notices till date. Even if he sends me one, I have a video proving my claim right and I will be releasing at the right time, said Tanushree.

Apparently, this video showcases Nana’s offensive attitude and provoking looks while watching Tanushree dance for a song during the shoot.

Tanushree said that she will use these videos against Nana and added that she is standing strong on all her claims.