Death threats for Telugu Bigg Boss contestants?

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018, 03:35:40 PM IST

If the latest rumors on Twitter regarding Telugu reality show Bigg Boss are anything to go by, the celebrities who took part in the show are facing death threats from strangers.

Allegedly, Tejaswi and Tanish received text messages and phone calls from random people, who threatened to physically attack them for targeting and troubling Kaushal during their time in the house.

Both Tejaswi and Tanish are taking things on the lighter note as Kaushal’s followers are currently on a high after he won the title.

Interestingly, Tejaswi posted a photo of all the housemates, except Kaushal, spending some fun time together after the completion of the show and captioned the photo “Who is the winner now?”

This post did not go well with Kaushal’s followers who are now personally targeting Tejaswi. Coming to Tanish, he always took a stand against Kaushal and has been receiving a fair share of criticism for the same.

Well, Bigg Boss is nothing more than a game show and the viewers are very much aware of the same. No one would actually get down to take such measures. It looks like a few netizens have simply cooked up this story to defame Kaushal, say a section of the audience.