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Thursday, February 14th, 2019, 03:07:26 PM IST

Tamil hero Karthi’s romantic action thriller, Dev has been dubbed in Telugu with the same title. Directed by debutant Rajath Ravi Shankar, the film has simultaneously hit the screens in both languages today. Let’s check how it is.


Dev (Karthi) a travel freak from childhood likes to go on adventure trips with his friends. At one point in time, he falls for a young women entrepreneur Meghana(Rakul) and tries to woo her. At first, Meghana doesn’t fall for him but he proves his sincerity and Meghana accepts Dev’s proposal. Rest of the story runs on a romantic note with the right mix of emotions. To know in details about the film proceedings, you have to catch it in the theatres near you.


Debutant Rajath Ravi Shankar idea of making a rom-com by inserting adventurous thrills in the plotline is nice but his screenplay lacks a brisk space narration. A few heartwarming scenes between the lead pair and hero’s adrenaline junkie thrills are showcased on a gripping note but lack of proper flow and flat proceedings may not go well with the audience. Visually the film is top-class and locations in foreign countries like Ukraine and London offer a visual treat.

Performance wise, hero Karthi looks stylish and did justice to his tailor-made character. Rakul offers an eye candy treat in the given glamour role. Noted artists Prakash Raj and Ramya Krishna are not utilized properly as their roles have less significance in the story.

Plus Points:

Chemistry between the lead pair

A few adventurous thrills showcased to establish hero’s character



Minus Points:

No strong storyline

Predictable narration


VFX is a big letdown ( used for Mount Everest trekking towards the end)

All in all, Dev is a simple romantic drama which is narrated by picking up an adventurous backdrop. Apart from a few rom-com scenes between the lead pair and a few adrenaline rushes, the film offers nothing too exciting. Those who like rom-com entertainers can give a try to this film during this Valentines weekend.

Rating : 2.5/5

4 & Above – Must Watch
3.5 – Hit
3 – Average
2.5 – Below Average
2 & Below – Stay Away

Dev Movie Telugu Movie Review