Review : F2

Saturday, January 12th, 2019, 09:36:19 PM IST

Victory Venkatesh and Mega hero Varun Tej’s multi-starrer F2 is the last release of this festival season. Touted as a fun entertainer, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is


F2 is all about the ego clashes and the frustrated story of two couples Venky-Tamannaah and Varun-Mehreen. What is the main problem between them?
How will they solve all the issues between them towards the end? Is told with a funny narration.


Director Anil Ravipudi’s story has no novelty in it but he succeeded in writing the screenplay in an entertaining manner. There are a few routine template scenes in the second half which his cleverly managed with his funny dialogues.

Venkatesh should be given credits for delivering an outstanding performance in the given role. In one way, it’s like a tailor-made role for him. Varun is decent in his part and shines on the screen. All his combination scenes with Venky are hilarious to watch out. Heroin’s Tamannaah and Mehreen are okay in their roles and provides glamour show in a song. Senior artists Annapoorna and Y.Vijaya are good in fun roles.

Rajendra Prasad is wasted as his character has no significance. Songs would have been better on the screen both audio and visually. Prakash Raj appears in an important role and did justice to it.

Plus Points:

Venky’s comedy timing

A few fun episodes in the first half

Climax portion

Minus Points:

Routine template scenes in the latter half


No proper story


All in all, F2 is a good fun entertainer with a regular storyline. Venky’s stand out performance supported by Varun Tej is a treat to watch on the screen but lack of engaging scenes and predictable narration in the second half makes it a one time watch for this festival.

Rating : 3/5

F2 Telugu Movie Review