High demand : Pooja Hegde’s private plane journeys

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018, 02:28:05 PM IST

Pooja Hegde is currently the busiest lady in the Tollywood film industry, despite the fact that she does not even have a single solid blockbuster in her career.

Interestingly, the diva managed to sign many big-ticket films featuring top stars in the industry.

Signing for films is much easier said than done as adjusting the dates can turn into a daunting task.

Pooja Hegde’s schedule is as follows. 6-12PM – Aravinda Sametha, 2-8PM – Maharshi, and the final sheets of Prabhas20 are yet to be prepared. Note: The timings were followed a few days back.

In order to keep up with the schedule, Pooja has opted for a private plane service which will ensure her trips are quick and time efficient. Well, the lady in demand is working round the clock.