India left licking the wounds after scare by the Hong Kong men

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018, 02:28:17 PM IST

On Tuesday India was on the verge of giving chance to a major upset at the hands of an Associate Nation of ICC. Hong Kong nearly managed to send shivers down the spines of Indian Fans.

Ahead of the critical clash with neighbours, the minnows have exposed the fragility of Indian team. Going by yesterday’s proceedings, the Pakistani camp should be relaxed and delighted after what they had seen.

After such a dismal performance, the going will only get tough on the big occasion. It is rumored that the Pakistan’s new Prime minister Imran Khan will attend the match and it is heard that the neighboring nation is very serious regarding this clash. While Pakistan will be considered favorites against India for the first time in the decade, Indians look depleted after a long exhausting tour of England.