Is BJP really scared of Babu?

Thursday, June 7th, 2018, 04:21:21 PM IST

Ever since TDP quit the NDA alliance Chandra Babu has been making strong claims against the saffron party and holding protest events as well. Apparently, the yellow party chief has ordered his party leaders to speak out about the injustice done towards AP and center BJP on every occasion.

Speaking at Nava Nirmana Deeksha, Babu said that the saffron party high command is literally scared of TDP. He added that the likes of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi are pleading for support from Advani after TDP waved goodbye to the NDA alliance. He further said that he is the main reason behind BJP’s defeat in Karnataka as Telugu voters stood by his word and rejected the political party that did not keep up its promise on special status.

Well, BJP could manage to win 104 MLA seats and emerged as the single largest party in the Kannada state. Kumaraswamy himself said that Chandra Babu personally made a phone call and suggested him to join forces with Congress party to establish the government in Karnataka. This clearly shows that Babu is desperate to see the end of BJP in south Indian states.

On the top of that, Babu is coming up with some Hollywood-esque plans for Amaravati and claiming that the central government is not allotting funds for the new capital. It would be better if the TDP government comes back to reality and prepare simple plans for Amaravati and eventually make it a world-class capital, rather than making plans to build one-of-a-kind capital when the state is running on a deficit budget.