Jagan about to lose another key leader?

Monday, September 17th, 2018, 06:59:20 PM IST

The incoming political reports from Bezawada are suggesting that Vangaveeti Radha is all set to call it quits for YCP soon. Apparently, the senior leader has been taken aback by Jagan’s decision to hand over the party duties to Malladi Vishnu in Vijayawada central constituency.

It is being heard that the YCP high command is intending to assign an MP ticket to Radha and give the MLA ticket to Vishnu. However, this decision did not go well with Radha and the current scenario at his home is suggesting the same.

Reportedly, Rasha’s followers are removing YCP flags and hoardings on the premises. This is surely a worrying sign for Jagan as he cannot afford to lose out on a key leader in this crunch time. It needs to be seen how the action unfolds in following days.