Jagan humiliates ABN reporters

Thursday, March 8th, 2018, 03:47:23 PM IST

Most of the media houses in Andhra Pradesh have taken sides and support a particular political party. One section of media supports the ruling party, Telugu Desam while other section stands with YSR Congress party.

This varied stands by media are causing great confusion to the general public. Lack of transparency and misinterpretations are taking a toll on the opinion public have towards press and media.

The situation is so disastrous that YS Jagan has openly asked Aamoda Broadcasting Network(ABN) reporters to skip his party’s meetings. To be clear, ABN has always targetted the Jagan and cooked up many baseless stories to defame the young leader. Owned by a TDP loyalist, ABN took a firm stand against YSRCP and its leaders.

Recently, Jagan held a press meet and enquired with the reporters about their media house. After finding out that 2 reporters from ABN were present at the meeting, Jagan said that they should have avoided the press meet.

He made his intentions clear that ABN reporters should skip YSRCP’s press meets in the future. Well, Jagan’s direct approach towards the issue is surprising many people.