Janasena : No cadre, only group politics

Thursday, June 14th, 2018, 11:41:22 AM IST

Pawan Kalyan has been claiming that he entered politics with an intention to question the government on behalf of people. He stated that he does not wish to sit on the CM chair and has no political aspirations apart from serving the people. Well, he has mildly stuck to his statements, but inconsistency and aggression have created a few doubts about Pawan’s leadership capabilities.

The sad part is that Pawan followers are playing group politics and destroying the impression public has on the party. A few reports from Tirupati are claiming that 2 prominent leaders from Janasena have attacked each other in the public and police had to interfere in order to set things right. Well, this is what happens when a party leader does not concentrate a strong cadre, said a political cadre.

It would be better of Pawan concentrated on building up a strong cadre before 2019 elections as he simply cannot look after every single aspect of Janasena.