Kajal’s fans are fuming after this controversial kiss

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018, 05:40:57 PM IST

It is well known that cinematographer, Chota K Naidu kissed Kajal Agarwal on stage when they were at the teaser launch event of Kavacham.

This led to a huge outburst on Twitter and Kajal’s fans are fuming on the technician, saying that he stooped to new lows by offending a top actress on the stage.

A few people are saying that Chota crossed his limits as he felt that Kajal cannot express her anger while everyone is watching. If a top actress like Kajal is facing such embarrassments then what is the situation of small-time actresses? This is the main question that is being raised by the netizens.

Kajal took this incident lightly and did not show any signs of aggression when Chotakissed her on the cheek. She tried to cover up the incident, saying Chota worked with her for many movies. Well, she was left with no other option at that point in time.

However, the Twitterati are in no mood to let go of this big blunder from Chota K Naidu and are demanding to ban him from the Tollywood film industry.