Kathi Mahesh to start his own political party?

Sunday, September 30th, 2018, 06:55:56 PM IST

Controversial actor and film critic Katthi Mahesh who made headlines after making very provocative statements about Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and his party, is now set to make an entry into politics.

Speaking at a public gathering, he stated, “I will contest as an MP in the upcoming elections. All the existing parties are doing grave injustice to the Dalit communities and I am taking this step to eradicate this community based bias.”

The actor is touring regions populated by Dalits to promote a new Dalit leadership that will solely work for the welfare of the community. He publicly stated that he would not join in any of the current political parties. But we should wait and watch how people respond and actually stand in support to the actor who is known for making the most controversial statements if he starts his own party.