Kathi Mahesh withdraws case on PK fans

Saturday, January 20th, 2018, 04:32:32 PM IST

Kathi Mahesh has been a constant presence in media for criticising Pawan Kalyan and the philosophy on which he is running Janasena Party. In this process, Kathi has developed a lot of negativity from Pawan fans who are fuming as their favorite hero is being degraded.

After an interesting turn of events, Kathi Mahesh was recently attacked by some Pawan fans near Hitech city. He lodged a police case on culprits and demanded justice as he was attacked by unknown people. Two people named Nani and Sathish came in front of the media saying they were the persons who attacked Mahesh.

After a discussion between these people in a noted TV studio, Kathi Mahesh withdrew his in Somajiguda police station. All these events are nothing but a nuisance to the public as media is mainly focussing on these incidents rather than covering more useful events.