Kaushal reveals shocking details about Bigg Boss contestants

Sunday, October 7th, 2018, 10:32:36 AM IST

Telugu Bigg Boss season 2 title winner, Kaushal Manda made some shocking revelations about the Bigg Boss show and his fellow contestants.

Speaking at a recent interview, Kaushal said that none of the contestants have formally greeted or congratulated him after winning the title.

Interestingly, Tejaswi hosted a private party for her fellow contestants at her residence. However, Kaushal was not even invited to the event and on top of that, she mocked him by saying that the other contestants are the real winners of the show.

It has already been 15 days since the completion of the show. But none of my fellow contestants have spoken to me or even texted me a congratulatory message, said Kaushal.

These shocking revelations from Kaushal have made him an even stronger favorite for his followers.

It is being heard that Kaushal has quite a few movie offers in his hand but he is yet to take the final call on the same.