Is Kaushal crossing his limits?

Thursday, October 11th, 2018, 10:00:18 AM IST

Bigg Boss title winner, Kaushal Manda emerged as the winner of the show with a record margin. The small-time actor entered the house with very minimal expectations and turned her after a controversial incident that took place in the initial stages of the show.

For some odd reason, Kaushal is still playing the sympathy card. He has been claiming that none of the contestants have called or congratulated him after the show. Well, he was the one who isolated himself from the other housemates. All of a sudden, how can he expect everyone to be friend with him again?

Recently, Kaushal claimed that the prime minister’s office had called his private phone and added that his father picked the call. Well, why would the honorable prime minister, who has a million other things to deal with, call the winner of a regional Bigg Boss show?

It is very much evident that Kaushal is in his own world and making hard-to-believe statements. There is a limit to everything, Kaushal.