KTR and Kavitha are nothing when compared to me : Lady firebrand

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018, 10:19:13 AM IST

Congress party leader, Vijayashanthi is one of the most aggressive politicians in Telangana. The lady firebrand previously traveled with TRS party and stood as a strong campaigner for the party.

Following a few twists and turns, Vijayashanthi joined Telangana Congress and will be crucial for the age-old party in the following general elections.

Speaking at a recent event, the renowned politician said that KCR is her only opponent in the TRS party and added that both KTR and Kavitha are nothing when compared to her.

I am an experienced campaigner who worked tirelessly for the Telangana movement. What did KTR and Kavitha do? They cannot be compared with me, said Vijayashanthi.

It needs to be seen if KTR and Kavitha will react to these provocative comments from the lady firebrand.