KTR: That is the reason why I am targeting Naidu

Sunday, October 14th, 2018, 09:56:03 AM IST

Telangana IT minister, K Tarakarama Rao, has been going really hard on the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu. Recently, KTR posted snapshots of CBN’s tweets against Congress during the 2014 elections and mocked him for the same.

When asked about his sudden hatred towards Babu, KTR said that Babu is trying to cheat the people of Telangana by joining hands with Congress.

If Chandrababu really built Hyderabad and Cyberabad all on his own, why did he not do the same with Amaravati? We all saw what happened when CBN and his son, Lokesh campaigned for their party in the municipal elections. They stay in Andhra Pradesh but try to influence Telangana elections, that is why I am targeting Chandrababu, said KTR.

It would be interesting to see if Congress and TDP leaders will react to these strong claims from KTR.