KTR’s huge punch to Congress party

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018, 02:08:02 PM IST

Caretaker IT Minister KTR is quite active on social media and he has silenced several opposition leaders with his twitter posts. Once again he gave a fitting reply to AICC Chief Uttam Kumar who stated that KTR has received everything on a platter because of his father’s position.

The TRS leader was quick to comeback at the AICC Chief stating that it was Congress President Rahul Gandhi who has gotten everything without sweating because of his family name and nothing else. He also pointed out that he had worked constantly for eight years during the Telangana agitation before becoming a minister.

KTR also took a dig at Congress for taking all the credit for the formation of Telangana when all they did was strip the people of their rights for many decades.