Mahesh’s brother-in-law risking it all?

Monday, September 17th, 2018, 03:44:57 PM IST

The new actor turned producer, Sudheer Babu is counting really high on his latest film which will be out for release on 21st September 2018. It has been learnt that the actor has put his whole and soul for this movie, be it efforts in acting or financial resources.

But the alarming reality is that this movie’s trailer and post-production promotional activity failed to create a buzz. None of the film circles have this movie’s name on their lips.

Sudheer Babu has already been dented with continuous mediocre results. A flop at this time will only mean a financial wipeout which will serve as the last nail in the coffin.

It will be frank to say that SMS star has put himself in a dicey situation. But let us not ignore the flip side of the story; A hit now, will mean that we will have a new Sudheer Babu.

This hit will not only heal the wounds of the past but also give him fluidity in experimenting with a better choice of scripts. He will have the leverage to explore experimental scripts. For now, fingers crossed it is and we wish our Baaghi villain all the best.