Maoist letter reveals plans to assassinate PM

Saturday, June 9th, 2018, 03:25:19 AM IST

In a shocking interception of a secret letter of the Maoists by the Pune police, it was revealed that there were plans of assassinating PM Narendra Modi in a similar manner to that of late Rajiv Gandhi.

Recently the police have arrested five people for alleged links with CPI(Maoist) and apparently the letter has been found in the house of one of the five people. The letter stated

‘We are thinking along the lines of Rajiv Gandhi. It may be suicidal and there is a good chance that we might fail but we feel the party must deliberate over our proposal. Targeting his road shows might be effective.’

But the Congress termed this letter to be fake and a tactic of the PM to stop his popularity from being declined. Several analysts are speculating over this news but would the PM of a country resort to such imprudent tactics?