Review : Mehbooba- Narration fails

Friday, May 11th, 2018, 09:32:45 AM IST

Star director Puri Jagan is back with an out and out love story titled as Mehbooba. Marking as the debut film for his son Akash Puri (as a hero), the film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


Mehbooba is a reincarnation love story which is set in different backdrops. Both the lead artists Akash and Neha Shetty meet during 1971 India-Pakistan war at a border village and fall in love. As they both belong to two different countries, their love story will be a failure then. After a few years, both will reborn in present days. How will they meet again? and How will they overcome all the hurdles and win their love? To know this, you have to catch the film in theaters near you.


Puri Jagan, who is struck with regular mafia template films since a few years from now has changed his mindset and did an out and out love story. He has come up with an honest film and should be appreciated for the kind of hard work he has put in. Coming to performances, both Akash Puri and Neha Shetty have done a decent job as a young couple. They both look good on screen. Noted actors Sayaji Shinde and Murali Sharma are good in supporting roles. Music by Sandeep Chowta is good. The interval twist is good and sets a perfect stage for the latter half. A few crucial scenes in the second half have out well.

Plus Points:


Basic storyline


Uneven screenplay

Artifical emotions between the lead pair


All in all, Mehbooba is an honest attempt by Puri Jagan. He has struck to the point and narrated the film in his own style. Though the film has a good content and interesting backdrop, lack of depth in the proceedings and uneven screenplay may not go well with the larger section of the audience. Watch it if you are a hardcore fan of Puri. Rating : 2.5/5

Reviewed by Netiap Team