MP’s sudden withdrawal to cost TRS?

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018, 11:07:59 PM IST

With only days left for the elections, the TRS party lost another key leader Chevella Konda Visweshwar Reddy. The TRS MP withdrew from the party claiming that he felt a huge gap between the party and its people in the last two years.

He wrote a three-page resignation to caretaker CM KCR in which he wrote that the government was becoming more and more unaccessible to the people. He stated that he was disappointed that the party for inviting people who were against Telangana into the party just for political advantage.

The TRS leader refused to come back to the party even after the party leadership tried to convince him. Politcal analysts point out that this could be a major drawback for the TRS who was planning of field him from a key constituency as he has decent following.