Nara Lokesh : We will win 174 MLA seats if that happens

Friday, October 12th, 2018, 05:35:37 PM IST

Andhra Pradesh IT minister, Nara Lokesh made some interesting predictions on the coming general elections in Andhra Pradesh.

Speaking to the media, Lokesh said that the TDP will win anywhere around 150 MLA seats in the general elections. He further added that Jagan has very little prominence in the state and said no one listens to him anymore.

We are hearing that YCP and BJP may form an alliance just before the coming general elections. If that turns to reality, we will easily win 174 MLA seats, said Nara Lokesh.

Well, winning 174 out of 175 MLA seats is a really tough job but Lokesh looks confident here, said a few netizens(on a sarcastic note).