New Metro Line to go operational from September 24

Thursday, September 20th, 2018, 12:13:22 PM IST

A new metro line running between Ameerpet to LB Nagar will go functional from 24, September, 2018. It is heard from sources that, Telangana Governor will flag off the first run for this new Metro rail line.

Metro was launched with a vision to avoid all traffic jams. With the new operational line, it is presumable that it will decrease a heavy volume of traffic in this particular route. Not just traffic but, this will come as a blessing in disguise for TRS right in the wake of elections.

Apart from all the political and operational talks, this route will come as balm to all those commuters in this route. This route is considered one of the busiest and vulnerable one, prone to traffic jams happening every now and then. People hope that this route will address all their issues and reduce travel time significantly.