Only Nani can help YCP now

Monday, September 17th, 2018, 10:34:51 PM IST

The latest political developments in Vijayawada are suggesting that YCP leader, Vangaveeti Radha is intending to leave the party amidst speculations that Malladi Vishnu has been confirmed as Vijayawada central MLA candidate.

However, the party high command has deployed troubleshooters to assess the situation and persuade Radha to stay with the party. Also, Kodali Nani has been bought into action by Jagan as the former has dealt with many such situations in the past.

It is being heard that Nani is currently at Radha’s residence and holding intense talks with him. Apparently, Nani has promised that the party will never cheat the leaders who stood by them during tough times. In addition, this would not be the right time to take such huge decisions as there are hardly 8 months left for general elections.

If these reports are anything to go by, it looks like only Nani can save YCP in Vijayawada as Radha’s departure can prove to be fatal in the coming elections.