Pawan Kalyan : I may get killed

Friday, September 28th, 2018, 09:47:29 AM IST

Janasena chief, Pawan Kalyan is back at it again. Speaking at a recent public meeting, the actor-turned-politician said that he may get killed before the following general elections in Andhra Pradesh.

I came across three audio clips in which 3 individuals were plotting moves to see my end before the elections. I am prepared for all this. The ruling and the opposition parties will play the blame game after my death but people know what really happened to me. I am a strong politician and will remain that way, said Pawan.

Well, no political party would dare to kill Pawan Kalyan. He has a humongous following amongst the youth and slowly making a mark for himself in Andhra Pradesh.

It looks like Pawan is aiming for that sympathy card which Kumaraswamy played in Karnataka, saying that he will not live long if the people of the state do not bring his party to power. This is most certainly not a wise strategy for everyone, eh, Pawan.