Pranay’s Murder : Another chance for political parties

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018, 11:27:18 AM IST

Politicians are known to extract political mileage out of any incident, event or even accident. After the Miryalaguda honour killing, every party started paying attention to the incident. Every party is trying to politicise the issue by using propaganda in their own favour.

TRS leaders are walking the length and width of the constituency by making claims that the hired assassin was a close ally to the congress leader Md Karim. To combat this, Congress sent it’s king pin Mr Jana Reddy to take control of the scenario. Jana Reddy visited the deceased’s wife and consoled her and gave an official statement which included the suspension of congress leader Md Karim. Now a question that would strike any logical person is “Why would the Congress suspend Md Karim if he weren’t associated with the hired assassin?”

What started an honour killing has now stirred utmost political importance. Now both the parties are using the incident in their own way to extract mileage out of it. Not just Congress and TRS but a lot of left wing and Dalit parties have visited the family of the deceased and gave their own account of the whole scenario.

It is sad fact that no Political party wants to curb such incidents from happening in future, all they want is to win a few votes out of such incidents.