Reddy angered Rahul Gandhi?

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018, 12:03:04 PM IST

Speaking at a recent roadshow, Congress party leader, Revanth Reddy stated that Shabbeer Ali will be in the top 2 positions(CM or Dy. CM) if the party comes to power in 2019.

Apparently, these comments did not go well with the party high command as a few core level leaders have expressed their discontentment with Revanth’s statements.

Even AICC members are keeping mum on the CM candidate issue. I simply cannot understand how Revanth could make such irresponsible comments in this crunch time, said a Congress party senior leader.

Interestingly, a few key leaders in the party wrote letters to Rahul Gandhi regarding this issue, making it clear that Revanth Reddy has crossed the limits this time.

It is being heard that Rahul is disappointed with Revanth’s aggressive comments and has asked for an explanation.

Revanth has always been a firebrand leader and Congress knew what they were getting when he proposed to join the party. He might have crossed the limits this time but he is a key leader for the party in coming elections. It needs to be seen if the party will take any strong decisions against him.