Revealed : Bigg Boss’s big shock in finals

Sunday, September 30th, 2018, 11:10:18 AM IST

The much-awaited finale of Telugu Bigg Boss season 2 is set to take place today. The followers of the show are very confident that Kaushal will be winning the title by a massive margin.

However, we have been hearing that the makers have played a gimmick here and made Geetha Madhuri the winner.

As said by a reliable source close to the Bigg Boss setup, Kaushal will be deemed unfit as the winner, saying that a majority of his votes are rigged. Also, they may bring in the gender factor here as the first season was won by Siva Balaji, it would be fair if a lady won the title in the second season.

With that being said, Deepthi Nallamothu has been standing second in the race but is miles behind Kaushal in this department. Then how can the makers zero in on Geetha Madhuri?

If Bigg Boss is really preparing to give a big shock in the finale, they should be prepared to face the wrath of Kaushal army.