Review :U Turn – Mixed baggage of suspense and thrills

Friday, September 14th, 2018, 05:48:15 AM IST

Samantha and Aadhi Pinisetty-starrer U-Turn is carrying positive buzz among the trade circles. After a good round of promotions, this film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how the film turns out to be.


Rachana (Samantha) an English daily reporter decides to cover an article on series of incidents happening on RK Puram flyover. In that process, she maintains a checklist of whom to meet and gather the required information. When she is about to meet the first person on the list, under mysterious circumstances he commits sucide. Suspecting Rachana, team head by SI Nayak (Aadhi) police takes her into custody for interrogation. During this period, Rachana comes to know that all the persons on her list have committed suicide. Why have the persons in Rachana’s list committed suicide? What is the connection between Rachana and those suicides? Is she guilty or innocent? What is this entire suspense mystery in the story? To get clarity on all the above questions, you have to watch the film in theaters near you?


Firstly, the credits should be given to the director Pawan Kumar for coming up with an interesting theme and tight screenplay. He narrated the film with enough suspense and thrill-filled elements throughout. Till interval, no one expects what is going to happen next and how things are going to work for Samantha as she will be struck in a deep trouble. In the latter half, after the entry of Bhumika’s character, the film completely shifts to a different genre which was handled well with engaging proceedings. Coming to artist performance, Samantha lived up to her role and gave a good performance as a reporter. She molded herself according to the character which is an added advantage for the film. Aadhi is perfect as a cop and did a decent job in a prominent role. Bhumika is a surprise package in the film where she did complete justice to her role. Rahul Ravindran did an okayish job in his limited screen presence.

Plus Points:

Core point and Gripping narration

Crisp runtime

Lead artists performance

Minus Points:

Lack of commercial elements

Serious narration


All in all, U-Turn is an honest remake of Kannada original which has enough suspense elements and gripping narration. On the flip side, lack of proper commercial elements and serious narration may not go with all sections of the audience. If you are a fan of mystery films then this film will surely satisfy you. Rating : 3.25/ 5

Reviewed by Netiap Team