Review : Nawab – Undercooked gangster drama

Thursday, September 27th, 2018, 09:13:07 PM IST

Mani Ratnam’s latest outing, Nawab hit the big screens today. The movie has a humongous star cast but is releasing with pretty low expectations in the Telugu states, owing to the poor promotional campaigns. Read on to check whether Mani Ratnam weaved his magic this time around.


Bhupathi Reddy(Prakash Raj) a renowned don in Chennai is attacked by a gang of goons. His sons, Varadha(Aravinda Swamy), Thyagu(Arun Vijay), and Rudra(Simbu) attack Chinnappa, another dreadful criminal, thinking that he is behind the assault on their father. However, things take interesting twists and turns as they get to know the real truth behind the murder attempt. The rest of the story reveals the main culprit and his motive behind the assault.


Mani Rathnam picked a stellar star cast for the movie and boy did they deliver some stellar performances in the movie. The likes of Simbu, Aravind Swamy, Arun Vijay, Jyothika, and Vijay Sethupathi bring this gangster drama to life with their realistic portrayal of the characters.

Music and Background score by AR Rahman go with the narrative and add a great deal of authenticity to certain scenes in the movie.

The man drawback of Nawab is its slow-paced narration. Well, Mani Ratnam has the knack of narrating movies at his own pace but he stumbles in his attempt this time. Many scenes in the movie look dragged out and that takes a toll on the tempo of the proceedings.

The movie is set out on a serious tone and there is no scope for comedy, or even romance, to be fair. Even Mani’s followers would be disappointed as his trademark elements go missing in this movie.

Plus Points:

Great star cast

Solid storyline

Minus Points:

Slow-paced narration

Uneven screenplay

Lack of entertaining sequences

Lengthy runtime


Nawab is an undercooked gangster drama that falls short of drama and intensity, owing to the pace of the proceedings. The movie may appeal to a section of the audience who have a liking towards gangster dramas but will not tick all the right boxes to stand as a solid hit at the box office. Great Performances from the lead cast is the only positive prospect for this unappealing Mani Ratnam’s celluloid.

Rating : 2.5/ 5