Review : Subramanyapuram

Friday, December 7th, 2018, 04:20:31 PM IST


Akkineni Sumanth scored a decent hit with Malli Raava and pinning high hopes on Subramanyapuram. The movie has garnered a decent buzz after the trailer struck a chord with the viewers. The film has hit the theaters across the globe today. Read on to check whether Subramanyapuram impresses the viewers or not.


Subramanyapuram, a distinct village is hit by a flurry of tragic events as the residents commit suicide for unknown reasons. Everyone believes that the temple in the village is the main reason behind all this. Krishna(Sumanth) who researches on temples decides to solve this mystery with help from his friends and Eesha Rebba. However, he faces a couple of challenges, owing to the mystery behind the Subramanyapuram temple. Will Krishna figure out the reason behind these occurrences? If yes, how will he? The answers to this questions form the plot of the film.


Sumanth looks settled in his role and this is easily one of his finest performances till date. He looks really confident in front of the camera. Eesha Rebba gets a brief role and does well within her limitations.

The suspense factor has been handled well by the director Santhosh Jagarlapudi as he tries to keep things simple. With a few twists every now and then, the second half will impress the target audience. The songs are okayish but the background score is impressive.

The explanation for all these occurrences(suicides) is authentic and that gives a good movie-watching experience to the viewers. The suspense drama never goes overboard and that helps the cause.

The biggest drawback of the film is the editing. A few scenes in the first half look dragged but the intriguing theme supersedes this flaw. Also, there is no romantic thread between Sumanth and Eesha. The production values are average.

Plus points:

Good subject
Suspense factor
Sumanth’s performance

Minus points:

Bad editing
No romantic thread between lead cast


Subramanyapuram is a good attempt that has decent suspense factor and the mysterious setup going its way. Sumanth came up with a good performance and so did the supporting cast. The narrative is true to its theme and that is one of biggest positives for this suspense drama. The intriguing subject keeps the viewers engaged for most parts. On the flipside, the movie has been below-par as the flow is missing in the first half. Also, the film was made on a shoe-string budget and that resulted in relatively poor graphics and visuals. Nevertheless, this film will be a good watch this weekend.

Rating : 3.5/5

Subramanyapuram Telugu Movie Review