Robo 2.0 makers filing a case!

Monday, January 29th, 2018, 10:16:07 AM IST

Shankar is one of the most well-renowned directors in India. This technical genius is known for making movies with high-end VFX works that work wonders at the box office.

It’s already known that Shankar is working on Robo 2.0, this movie is the sequel to Robo which rewrote many records in south India. According to the buzz, Shankar seems to be disappointed with VFX output of this movie, this angered the movie makers as the American VFX firm working on this movie has already delayed the process and came up with below par graphics works.

The production unit is planning on filing a lawsuit against this company for not delivering the output in time as this has pushed back the release date of the movie and that further adds burden on the production department.