Section 144 imposed in Tadipatri

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018, 04:58:37 PM IST

What started as a drizzle has now erupted into a cyclone- this statement will hold true for JC Diwaker Reddy and Tadipatri scenario. After the MP narrowly escaped the retaliation from Prabodananda Swami’s devotees, he has started a strike in front of the police station with a huge bunch of followers.

Keeping in mind the best interest of the people and to avoid communal riots, the Police have called for section 144 to be imposed in Tadipatri. Though so much has happened and CM Chadrababu Naidu has remained mum about the whole things and people suspect the reason being elections are just around the corner and JC will be to big an asset to be lost despite all the circus created.

Despite all the carcass, we do not see any remorse in JC or his followers as it looks like they are all set for another round of all out war.