Star hero: I will do anything for KCR

Sunday, September 30th, 2018, 10:17:14 PM IST

Veteran actor Suman who was politically active during the Telangana movement announced that he is ready to come into politics and campaign if caretaker Chief Minister calls on him.

Speaking to the media, he said, “I will do anything for KCR if he asks for it. He is the right leader for Telangana. He respected all Muslims by offering the position of deputy CM to a Muslim. I will support him and campaign for him in the coming elections.”

The popular actor stated that he has always been concerned about the welfare of Telangana and was the first person from the film industry to participate in the Telangana rallies. He said that he will always be more concerned about Telangana politics than Andhra politics. Political analysts point out that suman’s image can be a plus point for TRS.