Star heroine makes interesting comments

Friday, January 19th, 2018, 02:24:41 PM IST

South Indian beauty, Pranitha Subash recently attended South Conclave held in Hyderabad. She made some interesting revelations about the way opinions of heroines are rejected in South Indian movies.

She revealed an experience from one of her movies where she acted as a wife of Naxalite, she said that she wasn’t even sure where the camera was rolling while shooting for a slow motion song and that’s the pathetic state actress are facing these days. She added that heroines are only used as glamour dolls and there’s no real scope to prove themselves.

Another south Indian heroine, Shruthi Haricharan said that she was harassed by the producers of a Tamil movie and she didn’t receive proper chances from there on as she fought back at them.

This issue brings various hurdles faced by heroines into the limelight.